Tuesday, 13 September 2011

these are the ones that didnt make TV but you cant have it all ha ha ha ha


  1. Hi Gillian how's you I am so behind on your blog so who did you make the cards for on C&C my you are coming up in the world lol they are all beautiful though you will have to let me know when your creations are going to be on again so I look out for them now that is 3 people I know who have had there cards on tv
    Jacki xx

  2. Hi Gill, oh never mind about them no getting onto tv they don't know a fabby card then as these cards are gorgeous.loving the new look chatty soon.
    D XX

  3. Awww fanks ladies i got 4 shown so didnt do too bad lol there in the samples section,
    Jacki where you been hiding sent you mails about the DT cards on crafts on the net xxxxxxxxxxxxx